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Pitch@Gov Application Form

   Submission Criteria:

  1. The student must be in Cycle 3 (grade 10, 11, 12) or University Student (Bachelor's, Masters, PhD)
  2. The work must be the student’s own work and does not include any form of unauthorized copying or quoting
  3. The submitted project must be prototyped or an existing project


Cycle 3 Students Challenge

1.Improving student engagement

It is a challenge to improve student engagement and understanding of some lessons, especially for those who lack motivation.

Therefore, develop an interactive platform to bridge the gap between teachers and students. This innovative tool encourages dynamic interaction and allows students to understand complex topics. Whether in the form of a website, app or software, this solution should encourage active participation and deepens understanding, redefining the learning experience.

2.Recognition of content

Using AI tools to create assignments can result in an unfair advantage for students and negatively impact student writing skills.

Develop a solution that can recognize AI-generated content in both Arabic and English.

University Level

1.Personalized learning paths, adaptive assessment, and skill development 

The variety of student abilities and learning styles creates a challenge to traditional teaching methods.

Create a solution that uses AI to develop adaptive assessment tools and intelligent tutoring systems that provide personalized learning pathways, and can help students recognize, measure, and develop their skills.

2.Integration of Virtual and Augmented Reality in education

Students retain knowledge more effectively when it is imparted through a vibrant, multi-dimensional experience.

Develop a transformative solution (platform) that renders Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications universally accessible, empowering educators to co-create and merge these advanced technological modalities into the day-to-day teaching.

Please fill out the application form below to be considered for Pitch@GOV Competition.

Pro-tip: Try to provide concise answers, be impressive and avoid buzzwords.

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